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Honeycombs, snowflakes, flowers with their petals extended, the designs on a turtle's shell - Hexagons can be found all throughout the natural world. So... Why not build with them? Twenty-four congruently cool and colorful hexagonal blocks fit together and stack in more ways than imaginable. Get innovative as you connect their angular edges to create all kinds of brilliant structures. Build them up, out, around, and sideways. Precisely place them along one plane or in astonishing, 3D configurations. There are no rules - It's just you and your creativity! Each of the Hexactly building pieces are made up of hexagonal blocks connected in rows or angles. Six are single hexagons standing alone. Six more are two hexagons connected side by side. Three are three in a row, four are four in a row, and six are three hexagons connected at an angle. Complex thought, creativity, and visual-spacial acuity come together and grow as little hands figure out how each piece can be used in connection with the others. Hungry for a challenge? Eighteen challenges with over fifty possible solutions test your construction skills from beginner to intermediate to "Hex"-pert. Pretty soon, your mind will be buzzing like the bees in a beehive! Beautifully open-ended and brilliantly logical, Hexactly opens up creativity to the endless possibilities of nature.

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    24 hexagones de différentes couleurs.




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    3 cm.

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