• Draconis Invasion
  • Draconis Invasion
Draconis Invasion Draconis Invasion

Draconis Invasion (2016)

Édité par Keji Inc

Créé par Jeff Lay

Illustré par Juan Pablo Fernandez, Vuk Kostic et Manthos Lappas

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Présentation du jeu

Battle the dark powers of Draconis in the ultimate medieval fantasy deck-building game.

ArméeDeck BuildingHeroic fantasyHérosHordeOrRoyaume

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    Principe du jeu

    With over five hundred beautifully illustrated cards, Draconis Invasion is a fast-paced deck-builder for 1-6 opponents, lasting approximately 45 minutes, with hordes of invaders attacking your kingdom, and players racing to gather armies, gold, and special action cards to fight the enemy. Unlike other deck-building card games, Draconis Invasion incorporates hidden campaign cards that reward points for killing specific Invaders, Terror cards and the Terror Die that add a doomsday clock so that your armies become tired and weak as time passes, and triggered Event cards that target the game-leader with potentially disastrous effects. Kill six Invaders or exhaust the Events cards to end the game. When the dust settles, only one hero will stand victorious as the realm's greatest champion.

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  • Mécanismes du jeu Card Drafting (Drafting)Deck, Bag and Pool Building (Construction de Deck)
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