• Dungeon Command-Blood of Gruumsh
Dungeon Command-Blood of Gruumsh

Dungeon Command-Blood of Gruumsh (2013)

Édité par Wizards of The Coast

Créé par Chris Dupuis

Illustré par Daarken

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Présentation du jeu

Will your command ability carry the day against your opponent ? This pack is for one player. You need 2 faction packs to play a full game.

FigurinesHeroic fantasy

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  • Détail du jeu

    But du jeu

    The game ends when one warband's Morale has been reduced to 0 or below, or if a player ends his or her turn with no creatures on the battlefield. The commander of the warband with the highest remaining Morale is the winner.

    Principe du jeu

    In the Dungeon Command game, you take on the role of a commander, sending a warband to battle the forces arrayed against you. You recruit troops and deploy them on the battlefield. You issue orders to those creatures, outfit them with spells ans equipment, and direct their tactics to break the morale of your enemies and drive them from the field.

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