• Dungeons and Dragons-Conquest of Nerath
Dungeons and Dragons-Conquest of Nerath

Dungeons and Dragons-Conquest of Nerath (2011)

Édité par Wizards of The Coast

Créé par Richard Baker

Illustré par William O'Connor

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Présentation du jeu

War has come to the Dungeons and Dragons world. Heroes of good and champions of evil strike against each other across mountains, seas, forests, ans plains, determined to conquer or die. Terrible monsters rampage across the land, destroying everything in their path. Mighty dragons dominate the skies, laying waste to entire armies with their deadly breath. Bold explorers dare dungeons filled with fearsome guardians and great treasures. Four great realms contend for domination of the known world: mighty empires, leagues of nations or powerful alliances. The Dark Empire of Karkoth dreams of slaking the sinister Chained God with the blood of a dozen lands, but the heroic elves and humans of the Vallin Alliance are determined to extirpate this ancient evil once and for all. The Iron Circle seeks to subjugate the known world beneath the scarlet legions, but the free people of the Nerathan League battle furiously to smash the servants of the infernal.

FigurinesHeroic fantasy

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    The winner is the player who achieves the game's victory condition first. Victory conditions depend on the length of the game. Before starting decide wether you want to play a short, medium or long game.

    Principe du jeu

    Up to four players can play the Conquest of Nerath game. You assume the role of warlord, reigning over one of the four realms. You decide what forces you need to fulfill your goals and where to build them. You fight battles to defend your lands or seize those of your foes, ans send brave heroes to uncover the ancient secrets buried in fearsome dungeons. The more territory you hold, the more troops you can unite under your banner. Your choices determine wether your chosen realm will survive and triumph, or fall into darkness at the hands and talons of your enemies.

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