• Nitro Dice
Nitro Dice

Nitro Dice (2011)

Édité par Minion Games

Créé par David E. Whitcher

Illustré par Eric Lervold

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Présentation du jeu

Nitro Dice is a card game despite the name. The dice are used as the race cars with the speed recorded on the die so everyone can see the state of the racers with just a glance.


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  • Détail du jeu

    But du jeu

    Win the race.

    Principe du jeu

    The cards are used both as the track which is customizable to the players taste and as a means to maneuver by matching the track sections you travel over with the same types from your hand. Some track cards have hazards on them allowing you to put obstacles in your opponent’s way forcing them to expend cards or take damage. Racers also have Nitrous Oxide tanks for an added boost for passing or just staying ahead of the pack.

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  • Caractéristiques du jeu


    1 Start / Finish line card 1 Garage Card 6 Vehicle Condition Card 12 Nitrous tokens 96 Track / Handling cards 6 10-sided polyhedral dice 6 Vehicle Condition markers Poids Net: 0,310 Kg


    MNI NTR 100


    Code : 837654863619

  • Mécanismes du jeu Grid Movement (Déplacement sur grille)Hand Management (Gestion de Main)Variable Phase Order (Ordre de jeu variable)
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