Auction: Fixed Placement (Enchère Placement Fixe)


Fixed Placement is a meta-mechanism that modifies a multiple-lot auction by creating rules about which lots players may bid on, and representing bids visually on a board or cards. It is often combined with constrained-value bids. A Fixed-Placement auction ends when every player passes and/or no player has the right to bid further. The highest bidder for each lot wins the lot. Good examples of this mechanism are in Amun-Re and Vegas Showdown. In these games, there is a track below each lot up for auction. Each player places a marker on the lot they are interested in, at the value they want to pay. If another player wants to bid on that lot they do it by placing their bid marker on a space higher than the current bidder. The outbid player retrieves their bid token, and may place it on the same lot at a higher price, or another lot. When all players have placed their token, the bids are resolved.

Auction: Fixed Placement (Enchère Placement Fixe). Mécanisme

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