• Formula Motor Racing
Formula Motor Racing

Formula Motor Racing (2007)

Édité par GMT Games

Créé par Reiner Knizia

Illustré par Roger B. MacGowan et Mark Simonitch

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Présentation du jeu

Gentlemen (and ladies) start your engines! Overtake the polesitter. Take advantage of cars on the wrong line. Push your equipment to the limit with a hard charge, risking engine or gear failure. Outduel the other crewsin the pits. Avoid race-ending crashes and costly spins. Stay in the splitstream as you stzlk the leaders. Score points for finishing positions. Shuffle the cards and do it again. Can you accumulate the most points over the courde of the racing saeson?

Atelier Racing

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  • Détail du jeu

    But du jeu

    Be the player with the highest score at the end of the championship.

    Principe du jeu

    The objective of the game is to maneuver your two-car team to the Constructors’ Championship, by scoring the most points during a predetermined number of races. The cars change position in relationship to each other (no track is necessary). Cars are maneuvered by playing cards. Each card directly affects one or two cars though not necessarily yours either by moving them forward or backward in position.

    Fonctionnement du jeu

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  • Caractéristiques du jeu


    54 action cards, 6 team pit crew cards, 12 plastic cars, one twelve-sided die, one rulebook Poids Net: 0,282 Kg




    Code : none

  • Mécanismes du jeu Dice rolling (Lancer de dés)Hand Management (Gestion de Main)Player elimination (Elimination de joueur)Push your luck (Stop ou encore)
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